What is Paint by Numbers? Create your own amazing paintings!
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What is paint by numbers?

How to paint by numbers

Paint by numbers. Now anyone can create amazing artwork!

Paint by numbers is the perfect starting point for a budding artist. It’s also a great way to build artistic confidence, create amazing artwork and it’s also the perfect way to relax and unwind. But exactly what is paint by numbers? 

Paint by numbers was first created by artist Dan Robbins in the 1950s and shortly after became an American sensation with over 20 million kits sold. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, who used a similar technique to train his apprentices, Dan realized anyone could learn to create amazing art using numbered background patterns. The artist simply paints numbered areas on a special pre-printed canvas with corresponding numbered paint tins. It’s foolproof and the results are always outstanding. Now anyone can create amazing artwork!

See the technique in action. View a time lapse of an artist painting a detailed kit here.

So wether you want to explore your creative side, or de-stress after a busy week the result is the same. You can create an awesome canvas you can hang on your wall. The sense of accomplishment is priceless.

Kits come complete with paint and brushes, and are suitable for all ages.

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Popular Paint by Numbers Kits